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Special thanks to hatayogi Ambu who, at an old age, taught the best asanas poeses of Hatha Yoga to our master Aghni in Pondicherry.

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Master Aghni, hatha-yoga teacher since year 1972, 

  in the past he often stayed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram  where he learnt the best asanas poses from hatha yogi Ambu. 



Courses, seminars and meetings:

- Hatha-Yoga for all ages taught by Cristina

- Gymnastics for the elderly 

- Fencing for children, teenagers and adults 

- Drawing and painting in watercolor and/or oil

- Know yourself: individual meetings, as a couple or for small groups of acquaintances


1-Overcoming depression

2-Overcoming stress

3-Overcoming panic attacks

4-Concentration techniques

5-Meditation techniques

6-Breathing techniques

7-Improve eyesight

8-Physical Yoga


Health and wellness activities: Holistic activities aimed at the search for psycho-physical harmony, meetings and insights on Naturopathy and natural nutrition.

The courses can be followed by registering as a members of the "Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère APS" association. Each course includes a first presentation lesson after which registration can be confirmed.

aghni insegna in palestra.jpg

Aghni is doing a theory lesson to some future teachers of  physical education. 

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