In Savignano sul Panaro near Modena town in the north of Italy, on the foothills that surround the Vignola cherry valley, 16 hectares of hilly land stretch where our small ashram of about 25 people stands.

The main building (home for civil use) is used for host the permanent residents and for some services: kitchen, refectory, pantry, cellar, reception room, etc.

A green area with shaded areas, gardens, relaxation areas and games for children.

At 200 meters from the house, surrounded by tall trees, there is the sport-ground, equipped for tennis and volleyball. It is here that the members of the center gather in the warm season to offer their body work.

The sport-ground and other spaces are made available on request for activities, meetings, stages, etc. ... the use is exclusive to registered members .

The particular morphology of the area allowed the construction of a natural amphitheater.

The Meditation room .

And the environment ...

The area is inhabited and frequented, as well as by many species of sedentary and migratory birds, also by animals such as deer, hares, foxes, wild boars, squirrels, badgers, etc.

The spontaneous flora is so particular that it hosts high-value species and varieties, such as rare orchids. In addition, the biodiversity in general of indigenous and acclimated species is richly varied and different on the place.

The nature of the clay soil gives rise to one of the most conspicuous phenomena of the entire northern Apennines, that of the badlands, barren slopes that are characteristic eroded, completely devoid of vegetation and in which marine fossil remains can be found.

The blockade of bad expansion in marginal areas and therefore erosion was one of the first objectives pursued, followed by reforestation works as a way of stabilizing and recovering these difficult soils.

However, this wide 'calanchiva' setting that adorns two sides of the property retains its suggestive atmosphere and its own particular habitat.

This led to its enhancement through the creation of a series of 'pitches' or didactic stopping points.

Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère

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